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  • Family BBQ Pack


    4x BBQ Pork Steaks 4x S&P Pork Steaks 4x S&P Chicken Kebabs 4x BBQ Chicken Kebabs 8x Beef Burgers 4x Spicy Beef Koftas 4x Lamb Koftas 1kg Pork Sausages

  • Family Feast Pack


    2x Trays of Chicken Fillets (Approx Weight 400g Per Pack) 1KG Bacon 1KG Mince 1KG Stewing Steak 8x Burgers (Approx Weight 400g Per Pack) 1kg Sausages

  • Meat For The Week


    1x Full Chicken (Approx 1.1kg) 500g Steak Mince 500g Stewing Steak 2x Chicken Kievs (Approx Weight 180g) 500g Pork Sausages 1kg Unsmoked Back Bacon 10x Mediterranean Meatballs (Approx Weight 300g) 1x Tray of Chicken Breasts (Approx Weight 400g) 1x Pack of Rump Steak Strips (Approx Weight 300g)

  • Slimmer’s Pack


    500g Low Fat Chicken & Chilli Sausages 500g Low Fat Chicken & Leek Sausages 500g Diced Chicken Breast 500g Steak Mince 500g Minced Chicken Breast 4x Extra Lean Pork Loin Steaks (Approx Weight 400g) 1x Tray Of Grade A Chicken Breasts (Approx Weight 400g)

  • The Big BBQ Bundle


    2x Trays Of Garlic Butter Chicken Wings 4x BBQ Chicken Breast Kebabs 500g Pork Sausages 8x Quarter Pound Beef Burgers 4x 8-10oz Sirloin Steaks 8x Hot & Spicy Beef Grill Sticks 8x Smoky BBQ Drumsticks 4x Salt & Pepper Pork Loin Steaks 4x BBQ Pork Loin Steaks 2x Fillet Steak Skewers

  • Sale!

    The BIG BBQ Buster


    8x Chunky 6oz Steak & Onion Burgers 1kg Pork Sausages 5x New Chinese Chicken Kebabs 5x New Salt & Pepper Chicken Kebabs 4x Salt & Pepper Chicken Drumsticks 4x Smoky BBQ Chicken Drumsticks 8x Peppered Steak Beef Kofta Kebabs 1x Tray Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings 1x Tray Sweet Chilli & Lime Chicken Wings

  • The BIG Payday Fridge Filler


    8x Quarter Pounder Beef Burgers
    1kg Thick Pork Sausages

    500g Steak Mince

    2x 10oz Gammon Steaks

    1x Tray of Lamb Chops

    1x BBQ Spatchcock Chicken

    1x Garlic Spatchcock Chicken

    2x Trays of Flavoured Chicken Skewers

    1x Tray of BBQ Chicken Wings

    1x Tray of Salt & Pepper Chicken Drumsticks

    1x Tray of BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

  • The Fridge Filler


    4x Beef Burgers (Approx Weight 400g) 500g Stewing Steak 1x Tray Chicken Breast (Approx Weight 400g) 4x Salt & Pepper Drumsticks (Approx Weight 400g) 4x BBQ Drumsticks (Approx Weight 400g) 400g Unsmoked Bacon 2x Sirloin Steaks (Approx Weight 400g) 2x Rump Steaks (Approx Weight 400g) 2x Ribeye Steaks (Approx Weight 400g) 1x Garlic Half Chicken…

  • The Sunday Feast


    Beef Roasting Joint
    Large Fresh Free Range Whole Yorkshire Chicken
    Extra Large Fresh Local Half Leg Of Lamb
    6x Chunky 6oz Steak Burgers
    1kg Pork Sausages
    500g Wensleydale Back Bacon
    4x 9/10oz Grade A Fresh Chicken Breasts

  • The Ultimate Steak Box


    3KG of Sirloin Steaks 2.5KG of Ribeye Steaks 3KG of Rump Steaks 1x 36oz Tomahawk Steak 4x 8oz Fillet Steaks

  • Ultimate BBQ Box


    2x Thick BBQ Pork Loin Steaks 2x Thick Garlic Butter Pork Loin Steaks 8x BBQ Chicken Drummers 4x Salt & Pepper Chicken Skewers 6x Proper Chunky 6oz Beef Burgers 2x 16oz T-Bone Steaks 1x Tray Garlic Butter Chicken Wings 2x Racks Of BBQ Pork Ribs 2x 8-10oz Sirloin Steaks 2x 8-10oz Rump Steaks 4x Salt…